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Grundig (English: German pronunciation: [ˈɡʁʊndɪç]) is a consumer electronics manufacturer owned by Arçelik A.Ş., the white goods manufacturer of Turkish conglomerate Koç Holding. The company makes domestic appliances and personal care products.

Chane a former customer writes about his last tiresome experience, "We logged a defect three months ago and have since just been flooded with the worst customer service ever. After three months they finally dispatched a technician today. He arrived with a dented freezer door that looks completely different from the fridge door. We've been trying to get hold of a service manager at Defy (as this is the support in SA) for the past three and a half hours. I have resorted to social media but the auto-respond is all you get there as well. This is a pathetic service! And I am shocked that this s what you get for the price you pay. Anyone reading this and thinking about purchasing an appliance from Grundig, think again as you will be faced with the incredibly disappointing quality and the shocking customer service that follows. WORST APPLIANCE EVER."


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Caro Daniels says

"Is zero stars an option? 45 days to get a repair/replacement. 5 repair visits either made with none of the right parts or cancelled the day before or on the day. Over 48 hours or sitting on hold or waiting in for repairs ... this is possibly the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Grundig, never again"

Łukasz Nowak says

"Worst costumer service ever they lying all the time. Never will get anything that is grundig"

Mrs Karen Young says

"Would give no stars if could. I am now on my second Grundig fridge freezer (which apparently is Beko really) Bought this because it has a nice big salad drawer but after a few months this started to freeze anything that has a water content, after a bit longer the freezer built up so much ice at the back that it pushes the drawers forward so that the door doesn't close properly - so half frozen salad and half defrosted frozen food - i,m amazed we haven't had food poisoning. After countless hours to non existant helpline and numerous visits by repair men who all have different theories I was given a replacement and Guess What ? Exactly the same again. today's repair man (the 3rd I think) has just left with the advice that we defrost our "frost free" freezer to get rid of the 3 inch layer of ice thats built up and that should solve the problem in both the fridge and freezer. No suggestion of where I put 4 drawers of frozen food in the meantime.
Bought at Currys. AVOID GRUNDIG - buy cheaper, my last hotpoint fridge lasted for over 15 years and never had a problem."

Emma Baldwin says

"Don’t buy!!!!!! I’m an nhs nurse who is working through the Covid 19 pandemic. Bought a condenser dryer 4 months ago as I need to keep washing uniforms and frying them on a high heat for infection control , it’s stopped working. Called the number for the guarantee and took 3 hours to get through. They said an engineer would come on Monday, so I had to try hard to get an annual leave day. I waited in all day and was a no show. Can’t get through to grundig again! I bought the machine through a work benefit where the payment gets taken monthly direct from my wage, now I’m left paying for a machine that doesn’t work . I’m so disappointed. I can’t afford another one ."

Steve King says

"Grundig GSN10720 stainless steel fridge. Packed up Christmas Eve 2020 one week after the 3-year warranty expired. The internal condenser has totally rusted and, of course, Grundig are not interested. The drain hole blocked 6 months ago with a brown sludge but I cleared it myself as I did not want an engineer in the house due to Covid-19. My advice is to avoid Grundig at all costs."

Steve says

"Warranty is not what it appears. I've just had a no-show with no explaination. Getting through to them is a nightmare - I've had enough of hold music. Going to complain to Currys who sold me this appliance. They made a big thing about this 5 year parts and labour warranty/."

Sharron Pattison says

"I would rate less if I could we have tried to contact Grundig for 4 days now and continue to be on hold nobody answers the phone I have contacted Curries where we bought the product a condenser tumble dryer and they are no help either I am at a complete loss as to how I sort this issue out my husband has prostrate cancer and I really need the dryer for bedding etc I wish I had read the reviews before buying this make"

Mrs Rees-Long says

"Would give less if I could. Grundig products and customer service a joke, please don’t buy, you will regret it and it will cost more I. The long run. I have complained a number of times and require compensation for damaged goods. Despite answering trustpilot review and asking for me to reply, they have totally ignored allcontact"

John Treat says

"We bought a dish washer from Grundig and what a huge mistake this was. A diabolical company that leaves you on the phone for hours and never answer the phone, hours we have waited trying to get through to them, waiting for them to show up to fix this dishwasher that continuously malfunctions even though its less that 2 years old and still under warrantee. Yes warrantee if you can get anyone to fix it ever, which you wont be able to . Completely inept and simply just don't give a damn about customer service. I will never buy any product from Grundig again ."

Stephen Proud says

"3 years old grundig GSN10720W TALL FRIDGE. Packed up due to rust from inherent fault on these fridges/freezers dust entering fridge contaminating food dont know how trading standards allow currys to sell it? Also it's made by beko!!! Buyers beware you have been warned."

Kash says

"Our dryer broke down 3 weeks ago. An engineer came out on 8th December and said the sensor had to be replaced but he didnt have one in stock. Not heard back since. I have called the helpline every day and been on hold for over 60 mins without answer. Sent 3 emails and no response received. Considering legal action against this company as the warranty is ineffective and not fit for purpose. We have a child under 1 and this is unacceptable level of service."

Mr Paul Plews says

"I have read the reports of others who have tried to contact Grundig and agree with what they have said. To contact them anticipate a wait of at least half an hour, often a lot longer.
When you eventually get through you can book an engineers visit. He arrives, fiddles a bit, the dishwasher works but stops working a few weeks later with the same problem. You are then faced with the eternal wait on the phone to be answered.
It is all very well offering a five year guarantee but they make it very difficult and extremely frustrating to contact them in order to get a product repaired.
I have now been on the phone for ONE HOUR. There opening hours are 8am to 8pm and most bank holidays. Absolutely rubbish customer service."

Mr Daniel Jones says

"Terrible Company. We bought a GWN48430CW washing machine in January 2019, enticed by the 5 year warranty. Since August this year every time the machine is on it spews water all over my utility room floor. Engineer has been to the machine 5 times and Grundig will not replace it. Spend hours on hold to their customer service team everytime I call. Still no further with getting a new machine. Never again.

Absolute shambles of a company."

Mr Robert Adams says

"Bought a Grundig GSN10710DW tall larder fridge from Currys just over 4 years ago and was careful to register the free guarantee extension out to 5 years on the Grundig website and got a confirmation e-mail from them. The fridge recently started to produce a slow flow of rusty brown water from the slits inside, at the back of the fridge, which was running down into the vegetable drawers and out of the bottom of the fridge body onto the floor. Also lots of brown sludgy/rusty particulate deposits inside compartment. Reported to Grundig customer helpline (beware the nearly an hour waits on hold to talk to someone every time!) and was eventually given an Uplift number to arrange collection and replacement via Currys. Turned up at the Currys store in person to find that the uplift number had to be confirmed 24 hours after being issued to customer or it was not yet valid. Back again next day to order a replacement like-for-like fridge from Currys for home delivery. Told I needed to pay for difference in price between when originally bought it during a Sale and new - now full - price! No choice but to pay difference of £275 or no guarantee of delivery before Xmas! Paid and took this up with Grundig customer services to be told that what I had to pay was at discretion of Currys, even though Grundig had condemned it from the description of the brown water I gave them and consequently given me the Uplift number. Plenty of reports of this being a original manufacturing defect here and elsewhere on internet!! Have now taken legal advice; what they did was contrary to the Sale of Goods Act, and especially so since they declined to repair it and offered a replacement (that I should not have had to pay anything towards!). Not of satisfactory quality and also contrary to their extended warranty terms. Next step is to use my consumer legal insurance package to follow this up with both of them."

martyn collard says

"Sales from Curry's fine product OK untill it developed a fault, Grundig customer service is non existant 2 weeks on from an engineer visit who said the fridge freezer is beyond repair and Grundig will contact to make an exchange, all sounds OK so far however 2 weeks on and no contact from Grundig and you cannot get through on the helpline. Faulty fridge freezer that doesn't work come on Grundig support your loyal customers. I would advise anyone looking to purchase to look at how companies treat there customers when a problem occurs. Wish I had read all the reviews here first as I would not have bought a Grundig"

Diana says

"Bought Grundig washing machine a month ago! Stopped working now, just makes loud noise and turns off after 30-40 seconds! Impossible to get any customer support, they just put you on hold for ages! And that is UK number, because Irish number is damn unobtainable! 400 Euro for a washing machines that lasts a month! What now? Anybody is going to talk to me at all? I literally spent my only day off trying to contact you!! Never again I am buying anything from Grundig and going to unrecommend it to everyone I know!!! Answer the damn phone!!"

Andrea Kalyta-jubb says

"My grundig tumble dryer heater went it was not working properly for weeks I rang and an engineer came on 26-11-20 when he came he said he did not have the part. He said someone would be out next week in the end I rang and they said engineer would be out on 7-12-20 I had to book holiday from work. The engineer rang me to say he did not have the part and canceled the job. I rang and managed to get through, I complained to a grumpy who could not careless customer service chap. Not heard another word every day I ring and I am on hold I just cannot get my call answered. worst customer service and limited ways to contact them never buy Grundig again"

Sweething says

"Grundig double oven
This is just 4 months old. Has not worked at the right temperature since i bought it. After 3 months of arguing with them over whether i have it on the right setting etc etc they arrange an engineer which i had to wait 3 weeks for. He arrived on Wednesday and had been sent the wrong parts. I now have to wait until 14 December for them to come back and fix the oven.

This is an absolute disgrace. I do not know how these big companies get away with it. I am so angry. Every time I call i have to explain myself again. Thats after up to 2 hours waiting to be put through to someone who does nothing but tell you they will escalate to a manager and then they will call back in the next 2 hours. Well 4 phone calls in the last 3 days being told the same and not one call from a manager.

I will never buy another Grundig product."

Bob says

"A year on I wish I had NOT bought the item.
Grundig Dishwasher GNF41620W
Front control facia "figures" wearing off!
Quality is awful.

If only I could add a photo to this thread to warn others"

Hugo Hammarin says

"good everything pretty good. a little bit slow delivery but whaatever"

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